NEW releases !!

3 new releases on GOLD SOUNDZ !
GS#125 – MARTIN KLAPPER & CLAUS POULSEN / ROGALAND HOT CLUB split C-42 CASS or CDR – amplified toys and electronics from Mr K and mr P and bad-vibes collages from RHC. – CASS 5 EURO or CDR 4 euro

GS# 127 – STUART CHALMERS & HENRY COLLINS / SINDRE BJERGA split C-42 CASS. Manipulated gonky electronics and scraping from misters C and C and live tape collaging, squeaks and rumbling from mr. B. – CASS 5 euro

Tracks by Sindre Bjerga, Claus Poulsen, Charlie Potter, F. Ampism, Tuluum Shimmering, Star Turbune and Sindre Bjerga/Luke Poot. Made to tie in with a recent gig at Ryans Bar in London. Edition of 25 and only about a third left of these.. – CDR 4 euro

Buy both tapes and get a CDR for FREE !!!

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